One of the most current, popular, North American Musical, get-together is about to reconvene and descend on the populace of Coachella. Of course, I am referring to the 2013 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

I always find myself in anticipation of who shall be called upon to assemble to trudge themselves to a swarming masse – in 70 ish – 110 degree Fahrenheit (21.11 – 43.33 * C), heat – and play at random intervals of the day (for the wide array of party animals).

Those bands that show, not only need the necessary gumption to survive the obvious aforementioned technical difficulty, but, they also need to resonate with their intended, constructed audience; although carefully directed into a three-day, two weekend course.  Those remaining guests need to make that huge decision of whether or not the trek will be exciting or memorable enough to warrant such an investment… it all depends on your audio poison. This is an alphabetical list in case you need another parse of data. We may see you there, and we’ll get that beer we’ve been talkin about.


La Decadence De La Decadence

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Forever touched by the fire 
Was it your innocence that kept me at bay? 
Time was not mine, I was forever 
The wolf at the door shrouded with greed

Lust Before the Maggots Conquest,” featured on the album United in Regret by Arsis (2006, Willowtip and Candlelight Records)

Sad news to inform today. Adam Yauch, also known as MCA, of the hip-hop super-group Beastie Boys has died today May the 4th. Yauch was diagnosed with parotid gland and a lymph node tumor in 2009. Reports are unconfirmed at this time that his death is directly related to cancer. He will be greatly missed as his membership and involvement with the Beastie Boys has been etched on the music scene since the band’s inception. In his own rapping words “I want to offer my love and respect to the end,” to you MCA. He was 47 years young.

The Beastie Boys have posted a brief obituary on their website.

Outdoor Theatre, 1:20 pm-ish, approximately 106 million degrees

In the height of the desert heat our lips went dry they said “come on; who cares, we’ll die.” They being We Were Promised Jetpacks (WWPJ’s) as they broke the outdoor theatre silence with their track “Short Bursts” from their latest release In the Pit of the Stomach (Fat Cat Records, 2011). It was a nice track to introduce those onlooking concert goers unfamiliar with the Scottish band, since it displays WWPJ’s talent of exercising wide ranges of sound; from subtle quiet lyrics to walls of sound via tremolo guitar and heavy crash pads.

The second track, “Peace Signs,” was a delight to those of us that are familiar with WWPJ’s; it’s not present on any of their records, that I am aware of. It could be some new material the band is currently working on, but lucky for you we happened to have a little recording of it for your uber fans. Adam Thompson’s haunting howling creates a wistful atmosphere as it plays with the prominent bass, Sean Smith, and dynamic drumming, Darren Lackie. The track closes with a sheen of guitar, Thompson and Michael Palmer, that washed over the crowd and mixed into the super heated desert air.

WWPJ’s punctuated their performance with their most popular track – popular based on the crowd interaction, in which they sung along with the band – “It’s Thunder and it’s Lightning.” WWPJ’s began with a slow clamour, building tension until the lyrical introduction. When the end neared, those familiar and those who caught on, chanted and rocked out “It’s Thunder and it’s Lightning,” celebrating the excellent performance, possibly out of heat induced delirium, but more than likely of the kickass rendition despite the intense heat.

It’s the future, however we are still vertically challenged… We Were Promised Jetpacks, but here at LR@300BPM we can at least deliver some levity, enjoy!

Now I am going to start this Coachella recap off  in some sort of Tarentino-esque, Momento, out-of-order type of rendition; sans the Candidian/Robocop ultra-violence. Mainly because I drove 1,100 miles to hear one band (well not just the one, but, the primary reason why I departed the safe confines underneath the bridges of Colfax and I-70) and one track: the band – Godspeed You! Black Emperor; the track – “Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls…”

That and between the stifling heat and the copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, it’s not readily easy to compose and expound my memories of the entirety in any linear, chronological manner.

Mojave Tent, 04-21-2012 approximately 10 pm-ish:

When GY!BE took the stage, they did so without words, but with music and visuals. They slowly built tension with their introductory tracks “Hope Drone” and “Albanian.” I wasn’t too familiar with these tracks, but they had their way with me, blasting my wily corpse…and then… the Rockets fell, cojolling me into a subtle trance while I gazed at the videography taking place behind the band. At the instant of hearing the gentle guitar plucks of “Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls,” from all it’s subtleties to it’s sweeping crescendos, I was moved in ways that rewarded 20 hours of travel to just sit, listen, and watch in awe like a child gazing at the night sky. As the violin strings were strung, those laid in my heart were touched as well, mending the disconnects that the 106 degree heat splintered earlier in the day.

Immediately merging from the end of Rockets GY!BE seamlessly delved into “Chart#3” and “World Police and Friendly Fire” (movements #3 and #4 of the track “Static” as heard on the album Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven, 2000 Constellation/Kranky Records) which sent me for a loop since I have never heard the movements of the track “Static” out of the confines of it’s recording.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the brief performance and you can too via the power of interweb magic! Click and sit below.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor Setlist Coachella Festival 2012 2012

Lyric of the Day: 03/06/2012

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And on I read, until the day was gone
And I sat in regret, of all the things I’ve done
For all that I’ve blessed, and all that I’ve wronged
In dreams until my death, I will wonder on

Like a Stone,” by Audioslave, from the self-titled album (2002, Interscope Records)